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I put it to you that it cannot. Not that it will not, but that it is actually unable to do so.

It depends on what you think of as Second Life. (Get your philosophy hats on for a minute. I’ll keep this short)

What actually is it?

An evolving technology platform that is only broadly similar to itself from year to year?

A set of ever-changing administrative policies?

A USA-registered trademark of Linden Research Inc, a Delaware company?

A constantly changing circle of friends?

A digital economy?

A limited license to utilize server resources?

It’s all of these things, certainly.

I think, however, that it is a concept – or a dream, if you prefer. Something we can’t quite name or put our collective finger on, except to call it Second Life, for want of any better name.

The existing service could fail but the dream lives on in software, on blogs, change, relentless activity, striving, hope, grand ideas, petty behaviour, conflict, frictions and friendships, and in an increasing number of forms and expressions.

Linden Lab might fail Second Life, but the dream itself is as immortal and unfailing as we want it to be.

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