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Even without little corporate firewall issues with HTTP textures, corporate and education users still traditionally run afoul of Second Life’s unusual multi-port usage patterns, which can be blocked by default by zealous and sensible network administrators.

Here’s the announcement, verbatim. I’ve left typos intact:

Its an exciting day for us today as we invite companies and institutions to take part in the closed beta of D/MARC.

D/MARC is our revolutionary new software product which allows organisations to securely access any remote internet service through a restricted corporate firewall. Access is metered and can be limited to a single service (eg. Second Life, Youtube, social media) or multiple services can be selected. All data is encrypted and transferred using SSL.

We initially developed the software as a way of deploying Second Life in corporate environments – providing a low cost alternative to Linden Labs Enterprise solution (SLE).  However we quickly realised the wider potential that the software offers and we anticipate that the biggest demand will come from companies who need to access social media (such as facebook and twitter) but currently can’t because of firewall restrictions.

Participation in the closed beta programme is completely free but will be limited to one user account per organisation with a capped data limit of 1gb. If you would like to apply to take part in the programme please register your interest by filling out the form at http://www.corporationpop.co.uk/dmarc/closed-beta/.

D/MARC will be launching commercially in the Autumn.

My understanding of the way this works is that essentially all the data to/from the Second Life viewer is funneled through one or more third-party servers. Obviously this would require you to trust them not to peek at your company-confidential information or other activities.

WARNING: Reprinted Press-release. Opinions not necessarily my own.* Disclaimer: I don’t know who the heck these people are, and this isn’t any kind of an endorsement.

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