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One in, one out

Qarl is joining the Emerald viewer development team, just as another developer is leaving it citing privacy leaks in the code.

LordGregGreg is on the way out, apparently partly spurred by issues within the emkdu library.

Meanwhile Qarl (now Fizz, formerly Linden) is apparently joining Emerald development.

Interesting times. It’s hard to know what to make of it. Certainly, as things presently stand, Emerald under Linux can leak your identity (via your Linux username), and the emkdu library exposes that you’re using Emerald on all systems to those who really want to find out, even if you’ve chosen the option to hide it – as quite a number of Lindens have discovered.

Hey, Lindens, aren’t you supposed to be committed to using Viewer 2? Or do you find the third-party viewers easier to use? Hmmm.

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