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Names on display

Linden Lab has announced the new Display Names feature for Second Life in what appears to be the usual fashion.

The overall sense conveyed is that the work is all pretty much done bar the shouting. Whether that’s true or not, the announcement gives the impression that feedback won’t really make all that much difference to anything significant about the feature. Why would the work be so far along before talking about the project if it were otherwise, after all?

And frankly, that’s typical of the impression that the Lab projects.

That said, I’ve got little issue with the idea of display names. I intend to spent my first week or two wearing the name ‘Spartacus’ per Nat Merit’s suggestion, and you’ll be more than welcome to join in the fun or not, as you please.

No, what I’ve got an objection to is to the alteration of my account name in the places where it is input or presented.

Currently it is “Tateru Nino”, soon it will be “tateru.nino”

That’s all very 1982, isn’t it?

Surely, we’re 30 odd years past that sort of thing now, rather than being back in the days when more than half of the computer and terminal keyboards couldn’t do mixed-case.

It feels like a minimum-effort, low-care-factor piece of work – as if nobody’s really trying. It feels outdated. So very last century.

How hard would it really be to preserve the capitalization and the space in the places where the account-name is entered and the places that the account-name is displayed. Even if it looks nothing like that down in the bowels of software or in databases?

If my account name is going to be on display along with my display name (and it is), then I don’t want it looking like I couldn’t remember where the shift-key is.

The new development model places an emphasis on “user stories”, which follow a sort of tight grammar. Here then is the user-story I submitted, though it is difficult to actually convey in the required story form, so there are a few liberties:

As a user, I feel a perceived lack of quality and comfort if my account name is transformed into lower-case and the space is replaced with a dot, both for input and display purposes. I feel like it is more polished and natural if the account name’s case and whitespace are preserved wherever it is displayed or input by the viewer, even if internally it is transformed or translated into some more efficient or even unrecognizable form.

Do I expect anything to actually come of it?

No. Also, heck no. I think the whole thing is already too far along for user-feedback to be a factor to be considered, even for cosmetic criteria.

Acta non verba

What’s the deal with Jack delivering any bad or contentious policy or features news lately. Don’t they like him anymore over at the Lab?

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