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An emerald Okay, so Arabella Steadham resigned from the Emerald team last night, and was then not going to appear on Paisley Beebe’s show. Fractured Crystal, the perpetrator of the Emerald Viewer based distributed denial of service attack was then also not going to appear either.

Then a resignation from Crystal popped up for a few minutes, and then was deleted. Then it came back again somewhat later in the day, and the word was going around that Steadham would not be revoking her resignation. While all of this was going on, the Emerald viewer disappeared from Linden Lab’s third-party viewer directory.

It’s like Schrödinger’s Resignation. Resigned, unresigned, who the heck knew? That’s all recapped here. Now there’s more detail, thanks to Paisley Beebe.

Steadham says her resignation as the Emerald team’s Communications Manager was because she was “asked to lie”, but Steadham doesn’t say what it was that she was actually asked to lie about.

Steadham reaffirms Fractured Crystal’s resignation, and that neither Crystal nor Modular Systems “will ever be associated with the Emerald viewer again, in any form, as an alt or anything. Will not happen.” Crystal apparently was asked or pressured to resign by Steadham.

So, a massive restructure “to prevent anything like this from ever happening again” with no one person in control, and the whole project migrated to emeraldviewer.net (which is not yet live at the time of writing).

Domain and hosting ownership will belong to Steadham.

Emerald’s Jessica Lyon said (during the interview with Beebe) that Linden Lab was responsible for the removal of the Emerald viewer from its third-party viewer directory.

“We did expect that this might happen, and we have since provided the Lab with information regarding our new changes, structure, and goals. We are reapplying and hope to be back on the third-party viewer directory soon,” said Lyon.

“Our two biggest regrets are first and foremost that these incidents ever took place; and second, that we failed to take this radical action sooner.”

Lyon finished her statement with the hope that Emerald users and Linden Lab could bring themselves to trust the team and the project again in future.

Steadham asserts that she was misled about the nature of the DDoS attack by multiple people, and thus unintentionally misreported the nature of the incident.

Steadham does not, however, mention the names of any of the people on the team who deceived her as to the nature of the attack, but says that “not everyone will be invited to the new team.” A finalised list of developer and team-members on the new Emerald project will be published when it is available.

The full session should be available at treet.tv soon, and the audio can be found here.

I differ from Steadham’s view that inclusion in Linden Lab’s viewer directory would constitute “a vote of confidence” since even Linden Lab insists that inclusion in that directory is not an endorsement, or indicates any quality, confidence or trust.

To the best of my knowledge, the Emerald viewer, despite its presence on the directory has not ever actually been entirely compliant with Linden Lab’s third-party viewer policies.

Update: You can catch the video on treet.tv now.

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