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Yeah, like the last thing you wanted to read today was another post on the Emerald viewer.

It’s starting to feel like the Lab has given the Emerald team a two-week deadline for compliance. It’s not stated explicitly anywhere, but from various readings (like this deleted post) and a comment from the Lab, it is starting to feel like the Lab has given the team a deadline and conditions to meet otherwise the viewer channel will be disabled.

Here’s what the Lab had to say:

We may remove viewers from the Third-Party Viewer Directory when they violate our Policy on Third-Party Viewers.  The Policy prohibits the distribution of harmful functionality like denial-of-service attacks or griefing attacks.  It also requires a published Privacy Policy that specifically describes what user data the third-party viewer collects, stores, and uses and how it uses, displays or shares that data.

As a result of multiple violations of the Policy, we have removed the listing of the Emerald viewer from the Third Party Viewer Directory.

We have insisted that the Emerald development team make transparent to the Second Life community the functionality of its viewer code and the user data that the Emerald viewer collects.  We strongly urge all Residents who continue to use the Emerald viewer to make these demands as well.  We also caution Residents of the potential risks involved in using certain versions of the Emerald viewer.  Although we have not at this time disallowed use of the Emerald viewer entirely, we may do so if the problems with the viewer are not appropriately remedied by the Emerald development team.

[Emphasis mine]

Does that mean the clock is ticking? It sure feels like it.

Update: Apparently there is a deadline and it is Friday, 3 September.

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