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That’s a question that couldn’t be answered in Paisley Beebe’s interview with the restructured Emerald team over the weekend. However, the project team does keep those stats, and someone (who declined to be named) showed me the graphs.

The answer is just over 100,000 unique daily Emerald users. Call it about 110,000 – it’s closer to that. It’s been quite consistent day-to-day for around a month.

The number slipped sharply after the news of the denial-of-service attack started to become public during the latter half of last week and fell below 100,000 more often than not, though it isn’t really very clear if that is because of users shying away from the viewer, or the team messing messing around with the login screen.

Emerald Viewer: Unique Daily Users for AugustAddendum: Last I looked, Tyche Shepherd estimated that daily unique logins to Second Life (including all viewers)  were on the order of 280,000-300,000. That may help put the numbers in perspective.

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