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Second Life has outsourced a lot of customer-service functions at various times, to various businesses and call-centres. Some of the employees of the contracted support business get Linden names, some get called other things (and not just by frustrated users).

The OnTynes (with the last name OnTyne) are employees of a UK-based support business that Linden Lab outsourced support to. And now they’re apparently being dropped.

My understanding is that Linden Lab is dropping the deal for the OnTyne company to provide support, and will be commencing a new deal with another business in the USA come November. In the meantime, that seems to cut about 60 people from the provision of Second Life support, until November when the new company takes over (whoever they are).

It isn’t the first time that Linden Lab has switched contracts around between third-party support providers. It’s just that folks don’t usually notice when it happens. It’s hard to tell how many there have been over the last few years. I count at least three companies that have come and gone now.

* Thanks to Toxic Menges for the heads-up.

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