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What does a listing on the third-party viewer directory mean? What doesn’t it mean that many users assume it does?

It means that the viewer is trusted and approved by Linden Lab.

False. Linden Lab probably looked at the privacy policy, and at the download page. Once. Probably nobody at the Lab ever downloaded the viewer, let alone installing or running it.

Viewers on the list comply with the Lab’s third-party viewer policies

False. A viewer on the list isn’t checked for license compliance. It isn’t checked to see if it distributes copyrighted material that it should not, or if it complies in any way with the third-party viewer policy.

Viewers on the list are “self-certified”, which means that the person or persons providing them promise that they comply, though they may be incorrect, or not telling the truth.

Viewers that are not on the directory are banned from the Second Life grid.

Ninety-nine point ninety-nine nines percent false. A small handful of viewers (I’m guessing less than 6) that are not on the list are banned from login. No viewer that is on the list is presently banned.

Being on the list makes it considerably more likely that your viewer will be tried by many users.


All in all, I cannot help but wonder exactly why the list exists, except for offering a choice, while trying to limit the possible liability if something turns out to be dodgy.

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