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Just yesterday, Linden Lab urged users to demand transparency from the Emerald viewer and team.

Today, it seems, the Lab seems to be implying that that shouldn’t really have been taken seriously.

The Lab has gotten involved in the development of the Emerald viewer heavily, setting out requirements, conditions and parameters for it to remain as an allowable viewer in Second Life, in a sizeable list.

Obviously, if there was going to be any transparency, it would have to start with that list.

“Linden Lab is communicating directly with the Emerald Development team about the changes and assurances that we would require to consider a re-application for the directory, but we are not going to publicly share the details of our communication with that team,” said the Linden Lab spokesperson who had sent me the statement yesterday, urging Second Life users to demand transparency from the Emerald viewer and team.

So, let me get this straight… Linden Lab is – at present – practically directing the Emerald development team by setting it goals and targets, but we’re not actually allowed to know anything about any of those goals and targets … whatever they are?

Is this some new kind of transparency I’ve not heard of before? Was the Lab just kidding?

What about a little acta non verba?

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