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So soon?

A funny thing hit my inbox a couple of hours ago. The US Department of the Navy is setting up an installation of the defunct Second Life Enterprise.

But wait! I hear you cry, it’s already discontinued isn’t it? Why buy so late?

Actually, what I’m wondering is why they’re buying so soon. Other than weapons systems and armaments, the military is notable for not buying things until they’re bordering on (or actually) obsolete. I wouldn’t have expected this for at least five more years.

The Navy wants 70 250 seats and one server.

It will all have to come from Linden Lab (unless there’s a transferrable license that can be resold, and the Department of the Navy hates buying second-hand) of course, but heck, maybe it can do something for the Lab’s scary bottom line.

Sure, the Lab’s been saying they’re solid financially, but they’re just not acting like they are.

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