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Lyons (whom I believe was the QA person for the Emerald viewer team) has resigned, and also revealed the final two requirements that the Emerald viewer must meet by Friday this week. Lyons declares the viewer to be functionally dead.

In addition to other requirements already given on the Emerald blog, the remaining two are, according to Lyons:

  • The Emerald viewer must not support Emerald’s licensed emkdu library or Linden Lab’s kkdu library, even if they are present on the system.
  • Lonely Bluebird, Skills Hak and Discrete Dreamscape be removed from the project.

Lonely Bluebird however, Lyons says, has removed server access to all but Arabella Steadham, and Lonely him/herself, preventing any further work by others.

Unless circumstances change, in my opinion, the Emerald Viewer Project is dead. We simply cannot achieve a release by the deadline given to us under the current circumstances.

You can read all of Lyons’ missive here.

UPDATE (minutes later):

Arabella Steadham also announces the end of the Emerald viewer. The curtain goes down.

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