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Welcome Kim Salzer

Linden Lab has a new vice-president of Marketing (though no word as to whether she’ll be working in the Lab’s marketing headquarters in Amsterdam as yet). Much is being made of the fact that she’s late of Activision-Blizzard.

I’m not sure quite why many people seem to think that this will somehow turn Second Life into something more game-like.

Remember, the last VP of Marketing at Linden Lab (Robin Harper) came from Maxis (Simcity, The Sims, etc).

Having worked as a brand manager for games doesn’t automatically mean that you try to view every other kind of brand you wind up managing as games too. Not if you’re worth your chops, anyway.

Mostly, what I’m expecting is that Salzer will be trying to figure out what sort of marketing positioning works for Second Life and… well, position the marketing that way. Hopefully with rather less in the way of blue-skinned, bikini-clad vampires.

I expect Ms Salzer will have her work cut out for her, in any case.

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