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Arabella Steadham (and I’m guessing that unless something extraordinary happens, this will probably be the last bit of news about her), has been permanently banned from Second Life.

That’s actually an interesting result.

According to the Lab, Steadham wasn’t on Linden Lab’s naughty-person list because of her involvement with the Emerald viewer. She wasn’t considered an undesirable element, or a rogue developer or anything like that. Not, apparently, until today, when the banhammer dropped.

Steadham thinks that her public tirade against the Lab may have had something to do with the abrupt banning, and it is hard to see any other reason that she might have been dumped from the service.

On the other hand, of course, if publically criticising the Lab and its decisions was a banning offense, there’d be hardly any of us left, so colour me a little confused.

At the moment, I’ve got no information on the status of the members of the Emerald viewer team whom the Lab did consider to be bad-hats. It would be a pretty strange turn-up for the books if they kept their accounts while Steadham lost hers.

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