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Familiar faces

Snapped at the GP clinic today, because this has been bugging me for a while:

"All kids need a family doctor"

I must agree with the sentiment, however…

What this advertising campaign really needs is an artist who doesn’t copy other peoples artwork, I must say. That’s basically Superman, in a pair of glasses and a white coat, but otherwise straight out of the animated series. (Geek tip: Superman has the dangling forelock, but when cunningly disguised as Clark Kent, he keeps the forelock combed back)

Cover art for Superman: The complete animated series

While we’re at it, the girl on the top right of the poster… I’m sure I’ve seen that character somewhere before, too. The boy too, on reflection. Help me out, people, despite the fuzzy phone-snap. Where did the artist grab these other characters from? Because I’m starting to think there’s nothing original in the art.

As for the posters, they’re provided by The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

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