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In my sleepy, under-caffeinated haze yesterday, while I noted that Catherine Smith had left the Lab (something which had come up earlier in the week when an email to her about another matter bounced), I omitted to mention that the Lab’s Amsterdam office is going to be shutting down after all.

Back during all of the layoffs, the Lab assured us that their new Amsterdam office (which only opened this year) – on the seventh of March – would remain open, and would be the only non-US office to do so. Apparently this is not the case and the Lab’s Amsterdam office will close (or may already have closed).

March to September? Yow, that’s even shorter-lived than the acquisition of Avatars United.

“[W]ith Catherine’s departure, we have also closed Linden Lab’s office in Amsterdam and will continue to serve European Second Life Residents from our offices in the US.”

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