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About a week ago, I ran a double-poll. The idea was to get the impression about which of the then-thirteen viewers on the Second Life viewer directory respondents believed to be in full compliance with Linden Lab’s third party viewer policies, and which were not believed to be in full compliance. Viewers can, of course, be present on the directory without any genuine attempts at policy compliance.

It’s a tricky sort of thing to score, and more sophisticated polling software than what I’ve been using might have made the job a good deal easier and provided better results. Nevertheless, the results appear consistent.

The results are based on the number of people who voted that they believed a particular viewer was in full-compliance vs the number who voted that they did not believe the viewer to be in compliance. That gives us an aggregate score, with positive numbers indicating that more people believed in the compliance of the viewer, and negative numbers meaning more people believed that the viewer was not compliant.

Now, pay attention for a moment more, because I want to be very clear about this next thing.

This is about the impression people have based on their beliefs, and the information and/or misinformation available to them. Objectively, it doesn’t say anything about whether an individual viewer is actually compliant with Linden Lab’s third-party viewer policies; only about whether respondents believed that the viewer complied.

And now, on to the results. In order from most-believed-to-be-compliant to least-believed-to-be-compliant:

Imprudence 52.99
Kirstens Viewer 12.99
Radegast 10.01
METAbolt 6.04
omvviewer project 4.96
Restrained Love Viewer 2.98
Mobile Grid Client -1.03
Sparkle IM -2.99
Pocket Metaverse -3.00
Stored Inventory -12.03
Phoenix Viewer -12.95
Emergence -14.01
Ascent -20.98


  • At the time the polls were set up Lance Corrimal’s Dolphin Viewer wasn’t on the viewer directory.

So, do the results stack up the way you thought they might? Did the results surprise you in any way?

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