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Heart and soul

Goodbye Aimee Linden and Tofu Linden.

We’ve had a good first few weeks of the Snowstorm team. It took a little longer than we’d hoped, but we have launched the Viewer 2 Beta for version 2.2.0, and we’re continuing to move forward (new beta very soon).

Much of our success in this period can be attributed to the unstinting efforts of Tofu and Aimee, who have really done amazing work in the last few weeks.

We at Linden Lab made a corporate decision back in the spring to close down our entire presence in the UK; all UK-based Lindens were affected, with varying timing. This means that Tofu and Aimee will be no longer be Lindens after Thursday.

This is where I bite my tongue.

This is me, biting my tongue.

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