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Our Future in Virtual Worlds - Peter Ludlow Peter Ludlow, professor of philosophy at Northwestern University [whom I personally remember most distinctly for having referred to me on a couple of occasions as “an idiot SL blogger who is a legendary sycophant”, though we’ve never actually spoken; trust me, that kind of sticks in your mind] and described by the Community Manager at 40K Books as “one of the 10 most influential video game players of all time” has an essay called Our Future in Virtual Worlds.

That self-same essay is, I am informed, available now on Amazon and BookRepublic, for those of you interested in giving it a whirl.

Given all of the things that are virtual or at least partially virtual, it is a short step to ask whether things like states can be virtual too. The answer is that of course they can. Not only can they be virtual, but they already are. You don’t want to confuse the United States government with buildings in Washington DC, or with military hardware, or with the politicians and leaders of the government. These are all important agents in the conduct of governmental activities, but the government itself is a virtual entity that is layered on top of the buildings and hardware and politicians.

* Disclosure: I’ve not read it. This should not come as much of a shock under the circumstances.

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