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Reading by Corey’s Mom: “The Length of a Breath”

Corey is a young man who became a quadriplegic in a car wreck. His life was changed in an instant… but so was his mom’s.

Corey’s mom kept a journal of the events following Corey’s accident and paralysis, as her life and his unfolded in a totally unexpected direction. This story is a distillation of her journal, with many lessons learned, regrets, and joys.

Join us in the Cape Serenity Library, devoted to the works of authors and poets with disabilities, as Corey’s mom shares with us her son’s struggles and triumphs.

Corey and his mother live in California. While she is reading to us from her book, she will be filmed in RL for the upcoming documentary film Login2Life.

Thursday, Oct. 21, noon SLT

Cape Serenity Library

[Thanks, Gentle Heron]

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