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There’s talk that Linden Lab interim CEO Philip Rosedale – who recently said he would be the big chair until everything was settled and the Lab had gotten itself to where it wanted to be – is no longer showing up for work, and back loving the Love Machine.

That, of course, would be an indication that the Lab had been being somewhat dishonest with its communications, so it’s pretty easy to discount, especially as it involved no uptick in corroborative chatter among the folks that Linden Lab staff usually leak information to, and for about an hour, I ignored it.

However, as it turns out, it looks like it is the real deal.

What I’ve been shown is compelling and I have no reason now to doubt the truth of it. I am expecting that the Lab isn’t quite ready to make public announcements at this moment, though.

Back in June, I wrote:

We also don’t expect Rosedale to actually be involved much in the running of the Lab, interim CEO or not. Most of that will probably fall to the new COO. Rosedale might still be in love with Second Life, but we don’t really think he has much interest in Linden Lab anymore.

The Lab must have a CEO, but there’s no requirement for him to actually show up for work, or keep the chair warm, and we’re really not expecting him to.

What it does do is give the Lab a bit of breathing space, and some much-needed warm fuzzy feelings to tide it over. Very soon, though, the Lab is going to have to show results, or it will lose any confidence that it gained by Rosedale’s temporary appointment.

So, for me the major surprise is that Philip was actually day-to-day at the Lab at all during the last four months. I was really expecting the CEO’s job to be being mostly handled by COO, Bob Komin, and Philip’s position to be largely in name only.

Maybe that’s now happened. Maybe the Lab’s been sold.

I’ve contacted the Lab’s spokespeople earlier this-morning and I am awaiting a reply.

UPDATE: This is now confirmed.

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