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After being pointed to a tweet mentioning “Project Skylight” involving some sort of browser-based access to Second Life, I asked Linden Lab about it. After all, such efforts were supposed to have been abandoned or at least indefinitely on hold during the war against crashes and lag. Or so I thought.

The Lab was surprisingly prompt in responding (thanks for that!):

One of our goals is to make it easier and faster for people to together experience the fun and immersive content Second Life has to offer.

We plan to test a number of ways to better provide that for more people, including a way to experience Second Life without having to download the full Second Life Viewer, and we’re testing that with SL Web Viewer in the next few weeks. As it’s just a test, we don’t have more information to share at this point.

These tests will run from time to time and for various lengths, and we may choose to further pursue some or none of these approaches, depending on what we learn from our testing.


It’s been pointed out to me (I should have asked if I could mention his name) that there seem to be a lot of accounts that are quite possibly related to this.


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