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Jenny Everywhere is the first known ‘open source’ comic character. Originally created by Canadian comic book artist Steven Wintle(AKA Moriarty), Jenny Everywhere potentially exists in every continuity, and is able to shift between realities, thus allowing many authors to incorporate her into their work.

In this particular case, the character is appearing in Gwendolyn Patton’s Jenny Everywhere’s Infinite: Quark Time.

I knew Jenny back in the 'hood, yo. Quark Time is shot in Second Life, which is a point of similarity with my own comics, but where I pretty much confine myself to gag-strips, Patton is telling an actual story, and while it is only really just getting going, it looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride.

Getting attention for a new comic isn’t easy – take it from me – so consider giving it a little of yours.

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