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And a quite a bit more promptly than the Q2 2010 figures. You’re likely not going to be terribly astonished by the results, either, if you’ve been keeping up with events.

May contain traces of numbers Usually, it takes a fair bit of work to take off the unnecessary spin from the quarterly figures. I’ve mostly been spared that work this time around. No such effort seems to be required with the fairly terse report today.

In short, most of the metrics are either stable or in decline.

  • The Linden Dollar weakened against the US Dollar.
  • The world-size declined.
  • Average monthly repeat logins are down.
  • User hours are down for the third quarter running.
  • Economic participants declined for the third quarter running.
  • Linden Dollar supply remains stable.
  • LindeX volume declined (third quarter running).

Web merchandise sales volume is up 8.5%, but is economically insignificant in contrast to the other figures.

Linden Lab’s full report is here. It’s gloomy stuff. You can see more statistics and trends – with your own eyeballs – in the graphs I maintain.

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