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“Doing less, better,” Rosedale said at SLCC this year. Well, one thing the Lab has a lot less of is its executives.

With the departure of the Vice President of core development, there are now just four company executives left on the books at Linden Lab.

Whether they are or aren’t being pushed out of the door, it makes me wonder what the Lab knows that I don’t.

What we have left at the moment is:

  • Bob Komin, CFO, CEO and probably acting interim CEO to replace the Rosedale as the previous interim CEO – but who is not listed as such.
  • Frank Ambrose, Senior Vice President of global technology.
  • Joe Miller, Vice President of platform and technology.
  • Kim Salzer, Vice President of marketing.

So, that’s one company officer, and three vice presidents.

As for the vice president of marketing – Linden Lab hasn’t been doing any marketing lately, so I’m guessing the workload might be a little light there, unless there’s a huge campaign in the works.

Grace McDunnough has graciously allowed me to deface this chart she made as a handy visual aid, comparing the present to January last year.

Which executives remain from January last year?It’s not too hard to see why I’m concerned. Of the executives present in January last year, only two of those remain. The other two are more recent.

I’m presently lining up an interview with one of the remaining four, and I honestly don’t feel a lot of certainty that they’ll still be at the Lab by the time it is published. Over the years, I’ve scrapped four Linden Lab interviews for just that reason. One other interview went ahead, but the interviewee had actually already withdrawn from the Lab and kept it a secret.

Bob Komin confirmed for me – just a couple days ago – that Linden Lab has 240 full-time employees, plus any outsourced staff, contractors and so forth.

Four key executives is quite a lean line-up to manage an organisation of that size, but it makes me wonder if they’re wearing too many hats.

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