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Well, it’s been another record month for the blog, in terms of both readers and page-views, despite illness and infirmity getting in the way there for a while.

That’s the third month running. Thank you, everyone.

Yatta! Profit and loss

Advertising revenue is up this month as well. Including the donations (many thanks!), the blog’s net profit for the month is roughly US$77.

What was most popular?

Out of the 43 posts for October, the statistics pages were the top of the heap for overall popularity, as is the norm:

Next most popular for the month was pretty much everything to do with staff changes at Linden lab:

As is usual, I got quite a bit of hate-mail telling me that my news about Philip standing down as interim CEO was rubbish – in the hours between my posting it and the confirmation of the news. After that, most of the same people turned around and – once again – suggested that it was wrong to have sources inside the Lab. Maybe it is, but I don’t and clearly they weren’t reading what was actually written.

I see it was pretty much the same people who thought the news I posted about the layoffs in earlier this year was going to be wrong too, and who then suggested it must have come from some extensive network of Linden contacts. Ditto for numerous other items. My non-Linden sources have been solid so far, and I am glad for their contributions.

I also spend time listening to people than yelling abuse at them. It’s amazing how much information you can gather from the public when you actually read and listen.

Nevertheless, the next time something like that breaks, I expect much the same thing to happen.

The Linden Lab report card for Q3 also generated a heap of interest (and quite a lot of it from Linden Lab itself, looking at these IP addresses – though much of the company are regular readers, this one stood out). I’m working on a much more detailed poll to cover Q4 so that you can rate the Lab in a variety of areas.

The prebuilt opensim installation for 32-bit Windows, ready to run on a USB stick, in a folder (or most anywhere else) got a lot of attention as well, as did the first bits of information about Project Skylight.

And those were just top of the list. The next tier was mostly about Second Life/Opensim viewers, betas, builds and releases, followed by various pieces on Linden Lab policies and pricing.

All of the pieces posted during the month did well individually, which is nice.

Overall, October was a pretty great month for the blog, and I’ve got high-hopes for November, though I don’t think fourth record month in a row is all that certain.

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