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My favourite third-party opensim/Second Life viewer project (and maybe yours, who knows?), Imprudence is changing its name and bringing some surprising things to the table.

Kōkua (koh-koo-ah) is a Hawai’ian word meaning “help, aid, support”. More broadly, it embodies a communal spirit of mutual assistance, lending a hand and helping others without concern for your own personal gain.

The Kokua Opensim viewer will have experimental builds before the end of the year, but a new piece of software Kokua Sim will be out in the next few days.

Kokua sim (formerly Aurora) will become a part of the project, and both the sim and the viewer will be engineered to support and enhance each-other. The viewer will still continue to work with regular Opensim and Second Life, and the sim will continue to work with other viewers. They’ll just work better together.

For its part, Kokua viewer is going to be rebased off the Second Life 2.0 viewer code-base, which will at least ensure longevity – along with access to a number of features only available in viewer 2’s redesigned rendering pipeline. One notable side-effect of Linden Lab’s recent pouring-on of effort on the viewer 2 codebase is that it makes support of the 1.x series codebases increasingly difficult and time-consuming, insofar as compatibility is concerned.

I expect great things.

Read the full announcement here.

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