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Hmm. Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Second Life viewer seems to have fewer configuration options available than the average Web-browser or RSS reader?

My media player is more configurable than that.

Given Philip Rosedale’s background at RealNetworks, you’d think that he’d have learned the lesson that configurability and customisation help drive software adoption.

Nevertheless, the Lab has a long-stated aversion to adding customisation options to the viewer.

Sure, most software has a welter of options that you probably never go near – but they’re there if you want them.

As for the user-interface itself, I wonder if the Lab has ever considered adding some tracking code to the UI to find out which features and options people actually use, and with what frequency. That data could be sliced by account-age and other usage metrics, giving the Lab hard data about which features are more appealing to – and more widely used by – various categories of Second Life users.

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