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Saw this just a few minutes ago on my way out of the mall. Had to share.


Stuck my head into the store, and spoke to the boys who were a bit bemused at my (several attempts) fumbling with my phone to take the photo.

“Hi, guys. Nice Kinect launch sign. Only… it traditionally has a ‘C’ in it.”

<blank looks>


<more blank looks>

“It has a ‘C’.”

<realisation and facepalming action>

“Oh, god. She’s gone and done it again!” says one. “Atrocious speller,” confirms the other. We go out and look at the sign.

“Christ,” says one. “It’s worse than I thought.”

I bade them a good day, and left them to their corrections.

I wonder if I should have mentioned that “receive” was wrong as well. Maybe I’ll look in again tomorrow.

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