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The clock is ticking

Given its commitment to shut down Teen Second Life at the end of the year – and to migrate the teen users before that – Linden Lab now has less than 48 days left to get the teen users onto the main Second Life grid.

It might be even less, actually. The end of the year is looming, as is the Christmas/New Year period where the Lab generally cuts back to skeleton support, and there’s hardly anyone around to deal with exceptional circumstances, let alone the day to day issues. I can’t see any evidence that there are going to be more supporting staff on this Christmas than the last few.

Thanksgiving is also going to eat up some scheduling time and quite likely more of it than the Lab is used to, since its overseas offices didn’t observe that particular festive occasion and used to continue to operate through it.

With that in mind, smart scheduling would be to get the teens off of Teen Second Life as quickly as possible after Thanksgiving – assuming the code seems to be ready – so that there’s still staff around to handle the inevitable problems before the Christmas break.

If there’s a deadline for Display Names or Mesh, it’s probably also in December, though the former still apparently has yet to migrate beyond the worst of the complaints – if indeed it is going to at all.

I’m sure it will all eventually shake out fine, but personally I’m going to find something to hang on to.

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