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From the advertisement:

“Linden Lab seeks an experienced Creative Director to lead the concept and design of rich interactive experiences, to own design practice and standards and to provide leadership in the evolution of the Second Life brand”

“The ideal candidate will also have experience with motion graphics and strong knowledge of game mechanics, social media and mobile platforms.”

I can’t really imagine what this person would be doing in a Second Life context, unless the Lab is looking at abandoning Second Life as-we-know-it and is looking at transforming it into something quite different.

* Collaborate with business and technology teams to ensure standards in design, presentation, and user experience across all Linden Lab products and properties.
* Manage, organize, and maintain aspects of the design process including scoping and creative delivery.
* Manage concept development while integrating brand and business requirements.
* Direct style and design guidelines in conjunction with key stakeholders.
* Provide art direction to outside agencies, contractors, and partners.
* Other duties may be assigned.

Mind you, considering the poor levels of design shown in Lab projects this year (Display Names comes immediately to mind), maybe this is a good idea.

I don’t imagine that “key stakeholders” involves the users or customers, though, or any of the teams that communicate directly with them.

Maybe I’m getting snarky in my old age, but customer-focused just doesn’t seem to be among the directions that the Lab has been demonstrably heading in, as a company.

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