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Not a record month this month, but then I didn’t think I’d get four record months in a row. Nevertheless it was the third best month for the blog on record.

Profit and loss

Advertising revenue hasn’t been awesome this month, and dropped significantly during the first three weeks, before rallying in the final week. Including the donations (many thanks, as always!), the blog’s net profit for the month is roughly US$31.

What was most popular?

Out of the 45 posts for November, the statistics pages were the top of the heap for overall popularity, as is the norm:

The Silence of the Lab - from the terrifying best sellerNext most popular for the month was pretty much everything to do with staff changes at Linden lab, which is also a strong trend:

Absolutely everything to do with Project Skylight performed strongly, along with everything that touched on copyright issues or teens and Teen Second Life.

Linden Lab has been less communicative this year than any other year that I can remember, and that seems to be getting worse as the year has worn on. When there is communication, it tends to be contradictory, murky and ambiguous – which neither creates confidence nor makes for decent news posting.

On the plus side, it means that the overall number of typographical errors in Lab blog posts and press releases has declined. There’s always a bright side.

Through November, a lot of that could be attributed to Thanksgiving and suchlike seasonal conditions. We’ll see if things on that front pick up by the end of the year.

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