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So, the lawyers of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation have sent cease-and-desist notices the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum in Second Life, which seems contrary to the foundation’s declared mission to “provide opportunities for the public to learn about the principle ideas embodied in his work; increase public awareness of the importance of architecture to society and the individual; and stimulate a demand for excellence in architecture and design.”

Worse, the Foundation apparently approved the virtual Museum in the first place, allowing it to use the name and images. What better way to tarnish the name and reputation of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work than to act like a bunch of crazy turncoats?

As I’ve said before, corporate memories can be short. Get it in writing, signed and notarised, boys and girls, otherwise be prepared to lawyer up and fight it in court.

Check out more of the story. Without aid, the FLW Virtual Museum will go offline in just days.

Update: Apparently, what’s got the FLW Foundation so steamed is the sales of FLW-related goods on the Second Life Marketplace, which the Foundation somehow came to believe the FLW Virtual Museum was responsible for and/or somehow able to control.

As a result, the FLW Foundation yanked the Virtual Museum’s license, and then threw them a cease-and-desist, which also manages to miss actually dealing with any of the content that the Foundation seems to object to. I suppose that’s the perils of having lawyers completely drop the ball on basic research.

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