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LOGOS Collectable Card Game, in action The LOGOS CCG (Collectable Card Game, for those of you who don’t have kids or grandkids of your own), launched in Second Life in July and attracted quite a positive reception, with its Cyberpunk theme and easy-to-grasp game mechanics.

Now – the developers are hoping for around the 18th of December (and now, so am I, because otherwise my headline is going to look a bit silly) – LOGOS is getting its first major content update, doubling the number of cards to 200, and quite likely increasing the number of playable strategies to about umpty-wajillion (or so).

Over the last few months, the game has caught on with its adherents, spawning regular tournaments – which are probably signficantly aided by the development of a spectator HUD, which allows bystanders to watch (and learn from) a game in progress, a demo version of the game, and the gorgeous artwork.

The big content update isn’t the end of it, say developers, “[W]e plan a lot of new features and additions. From improved web managing, to new gameplay mechanics and an improved reward system, our players are sure to be in for various surprises during the coming months. The feedback from our community has been terrific and their ongoing support is what keeps us motivated to improve LOGOS cards for a long time to come.”

Outside of Second Life, you’ll find Web presences for the LOGOS card game in all of the usual places:

Web: http://www.logos-cards.com/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMZbFimH-B8

Twitter: http://twitter.com/logos_cards

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Logos-cards/146705282018487?ref=sgm

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