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Jack hitting the road

Jack Linden, love him or hate him – is leaving the Lab at the end of this calendar year.

It’s probably no big surprise to anyone who watches the Linden blog, as communications from that quarter were getting increasingly sporadic of late.

I’ve never figured out, exactly – even the couple brief times I worked alongside him at the Lab – if Jack was a decision-maker or a communications flunky. I believe he finished up with the title of Executive Director of Product (Land, eCommerce,Search, etc), but I was never able to figure out if he actually had a voice or influence in any of the decisions that he communicated.

Certainly if there was bad news to deliver, Jack seemed to be your man for the job – and it never seemed to stress him out. There’s not many who can handle that sort of thing.

My memories of working with Jack are – well, practically non-existent now that I come to think of it. I remember complimenting his legs once, though I cannot recall if I meant it or if I was just joking, and that’s about all I remember.

There’s no sign of a replacement in the wings. I don’t know if the Lab is planning or not planning to fill the soon-to-be-vacant role at this stage.

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