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Feel the love!For those of you wanting to keep track of the latest exploits of Philip Rosedale’s Love Machine business, now that he’s exited the Lab, there’s a couple small news updates.

The first is that the Love Machine has received a round of angel investment. Investors in the company are:

  • Philip Rosedale
  • Mitch Kapor
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Bill Tai
  • Jed Smith
  • Mike Murray
  • James Currier
  • Chad Boeding
  • Divesh Makan
  • Mitch Zuklie
  • Stan Chudnovsky
  • Brad Hefta-Gaub
  • Marius Moscovici
  • Ryan Downe

Love Machine has started a new project which is “related to digital currency, work, and live communication” and says that it is presently hiring.

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