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Bright spark Daniel Voyager has the scoop on increased group limits in Second Life (ie: Being a member more groups than is currently permitted). FJ Linden (Frank Ambrose) at the Lab promised that the group limit would be raised from 25 to 40 before the end of 2010 – a date which is almost upon us.

Maestro Linden: Hey Daniel, one of the server RC channels has configurable group limits.  Once that’s considered ‘passed’ (which will probably happen early January), that server version will go out to the whole grid.  At that point, we’ll be able to increase the group limit at any time. – 22nd December 2010

So, the server-side code is – barring showstoppers – on the doorstep, and could roll out just about any time now. The Lab could then throw the switch to bump the group limit to whatever they feel is feasible from that point onwards.

Most Second Life viewers, of course, won’t be able to handle more than the current 25 without patches, as the number is hardcoded into the viewer (as it has been hardcoded into the servers for many years). Support for larger numbers of groups in those viewers, however, could be as little as a fresh build away.

Now, if only the Lab could make large groups work properly. That would be awesome. Having been quite a problem since the beginning of 2006, I cannot help but wonder if anyone’s actually working on that.

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