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Rod HumbleRod Humble has been named as the new CEO of Linden Lab, following a bit of an awkward gap where the Lab operated for a while without one.

You’ll probably already recognise Humble’s name if you follow gaming industry news, as the former executive vice-president of the EA Play label, and his work on the Sims 2, the Sims 3, Everquest and Virgin Interactive’s Subspace.

“Rod is a great new leader for Linden Lab,” said Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life. “Second Life has become a consistently large and profitable business with a thriving virtual economy built together with its passionate Resident community. This has always been a big, long-term vision, it is still early and there is enormous opportunity for growth. With Rod’s fresh insights and deep experience in creating and leading the development of fun, intuitive, immersive entertainment experiences that have attracted massive audiences of loyal users, he’s the right leader to understand what makes us special and bring the next level of growth to Second Life.”

Those would be the sort of experiences that Second Life wasn’t really designed to support, apparently, and it remains to be seen how Rod will fit in with Linden Lab’s ongoing strategies, about which – still – little or nothing is known for certain.

Humble will be hiring on in mid-January – and before you ask me – I’ve already been told that he’s not taking interviews until sometime in the New Year. I cannot help but wonder if the timing of the announcement draws attention away from the departure of Joe Miller from the Lab today.

Congratulations, Rod. Here’s hoping your tenure is rather longer than the last couple of Lab CEOs.

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