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A.R.T. brings their critically acclaimed production of Oedipus back for three performances in January 2011!

promo trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnW26MiYu3w [Not entirely safe for work – Tat]

Show times:

Saturday January 22, 2PM PST/SLT (10PM GMT)

Sunday January 23, 2PM PST/(SLT (10PM GMT)

Thursday January 27, noon PST/SLT (8PM GMT)

Tickets will be available starting January 3, 2011 at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sagittata/131/96/39, for L$500 (about US $2.50).

The ticket vendors provide a packet of information, including the performance location and gifts from the designers of the show.  The tickets themselves are no-copy/yes-transfer, and scripted to allow access to the theater set only on the day and time listed on the ticket.  More announcements will come from our audience group “Avatar Repertory Theater” and from Thinkerer Melville’s Hippo group “Theater — performances”.  Please contact Ada Radius or Kayden Oconnell to be added to either or both groups.

Press-releases are delicious “Oedipus Rex” features Joff Fassnacht as King Oedipus and MadameThespian Underhill as Queen Jocasta. Rounding out the cast of family, friends and enemies are Kayden Oconnell, Thundergas Menges, Rowan Shamroy, Em Jannings, Darius Dubreyere (cover), Elegia Underwood (cover).

More information about the troupe at our website/wiki: http://www.avreptheater.com

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