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Bring your A-game

Journalists. We rely on them for news about business, politics, world and local events, and more. Most of what we know about our world comes to us through a journalist at some point or another.

When it comes to writing about technology, things get shakier, and when it comes to anything to do with Second Life, journalists tend to be a major let-down, as I’ve noted before.

This Christmas was no exception.

So, with the press-release actually in front of them, by my count fewer than 5% of journalists who reported on Rod Humble being named the future CEO of Linden Lab actually got the story right.

Most of them couldn’t even get the name of the company right.

With it written right in front of them. Eight times.

And people wonder why the news media industry is struggling.

Now, I know some journalists – and they’re good; accurate, communicative and worthy of respect and trust – and just as importantly did not make these mistakes. So I’m not taking a dig at all journalists. Just, you know, most of them.

Maybe the Christmas cheer was flowing a little too freely in the newsrooms this season, but given the track record, I think not.

For heaven’s sake, bring your A-game people. It’s what you’re paid for.

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