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Showing some leg

I cannot recall the Lab pulling a stunt quite so tawdry and cheap as this one.

From the Second Life twitter stream:

Help us reach 100,000 Facebook fans by the new year. Tell your friends! http://www.facebook.com/secondlife #SL #secondlife #facebook

In my opinion, begging for Facebook fans like this strongly implies that you do not yourself believe that you deserve them based on your own merits. It’s the sort of stunt I would normally automatically associate with the cheap, dishonest, and ineffectual. Surely, you’re above such things, Linden Lab. I’d really like to believe that you are.

If I had to draw an analogy for this – and face it, I pretty much have to; that’s just me – then it’s like flashing your knickers by the highway to hitch a ride.

I don’t know quite who I’d feel sorrier for. Linden Lab for pulling this stunt, or anyone who actually did add themselves as a fan on Facebook as a consequence of this tweet.

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