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Well, December was the second-best month for the blog to-date, coming a very close second to October.

Profit and loss

Advertising revenue  remained flat through most of the month, but suddenly got a shot in the arm from about the 24th through to the end of the month, with a few advertisers bidding strongly to keep their ads in the sidebars. Add donations to that, and subtract expenses, and that’s about US$105 profit for the month.

Not exactly the most profitable venture ever, but I’m definitely not complaining.

What was most popular?

Out of the 55 posts for December the most popular were:

Linden Lab continued to be minimally communicative through December.

A note to Second Life advertisers

A few Second Life merchants and blogs had ads up on the blog during December. If you’re one of those, it might help if it was more clear in your ad banner that there was an association with Second Life. Some of them were a bit ambiguous and the relationship wasn’t very clear. I expect that making the ads more obviously Second Life related would improve their performance.

Special thanks

Thanks to you – the readers – for sticking with the blog through 2010. I’m not sure whether I’m hoping for an interesting ride in 2011 – but I’m certainly expecting one. Let’s see where it all takes us.

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