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Have your say! Well, last year I promised that I would do another – expanded – report-card poll for Linden Lab for Q4 2010, and here it is.

Rather than using the polling system that I did last time, I hand-rolled this one so that it would do things rather more the way I was hoping – and make the data processing much easier. There were a lot of responses last time, and I’m hoping for even more this time around. It’s not exactly pretty, but frankly I was a little rushed.

Last time, the poll let you grade Linden Lab on their own core values (fast, easy fun), and one other (stability), based on Philip Rosedale’s entreaty that we judge the Lab by its actions, and not by its promises. Acta non verba.

This time around, we still have Linden Lab’s core values (fast, easy, fun), and we still have stability/reliability, but I have also added categories for ‘trust’ and ‘communications’.

So, step on up and tell all your friends. How did Linden Lab do in October/November/December?

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