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Limbo Lab

Linden Lab seems to be in a bit of a limbo state right now.

The PR people aren’t answering any communications, Web-site updates seem to be on hold, communications of any substance are thin on the ground, teens are on hold. Perhaps it is because the Lab’s new CEO, Rod Humble, doesn’t join the company until sometime around the 17th, but it feels more like the sort of thing that the Lab traditionally does before Big Surprise Announcements.

Some are asking if a new marketing and communications directive that has Lab employees removing “Linden” from their work-only social-media profiles (their personal socmedia accounts seem to be untouched) is a sign of an impending acquisition. Why remove the word “Linden” from employee’s work accounts, unless that’s being replaced with some other word soon? Personally, I don’t buy into that notion.

I’ve contacted the Lab for clarification, of course, but the metaphorical phone is ringing out. Either the PR spokesperson isn’t there, or there’s instructions not to talk. Hard to say which, what with the close proximity of the holiday season, and that there’s literally nobody else authorised to communicate with me officially. Usually, though, the first week of the New Year is pretty much full-steam-ahead at the Lab. If that is the case, why’s it so quiet?

Could it, in fact, be a Big Surprise Announcement? I really hope not. The thing I hate most from Linden Lab is surprise. Prove me wrong. Make a fool out of me. But please, no surprises.

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