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Our elected representatives – and those running for office, in addition to those incumbent – are good women and men of conscience. I am not kidding around about that.

By which, I mean to say, that they are no more nor less fallible, human, noble, capable of making stupid mistakes, and treating others well or poorly than anyone else (eg: you and me), regardless of their alignment and beliefs along the political spectrum.

Here’s a protip: A politician who holds opposing political beliefs to yours is not necessarily evil, stupid, criminal or somehow a traitor to your nation … even if you don’t like them or their policies.

That surely must be a shocking notion.

Worse still, believing that your views are right doesn’t mean you’re not wrong, any more than someone else believing that your views are wrong means that you’re not right.

What a confusing world we live in!

You see, nobody actually knows how to properly govern a nation. Oh, we all think that some ways are better than others, or that some people are better at it than others, but truth be told, nobody actually knows what they’re doing.

We vote in a whole bunch of people, whom we hope might get things righter rather than wronger, and pray that our nose-hairs don’t get set on fire as the result of some policy that they put together.

Mostly, the best we can hope for is that they will keep us off the rocks for long enough for us to blame them for everything that has gone wrong, so that we can vote in a different bunch of people with different ideas, all in the hope that they will all somehow agree with our own personal views of how our nation should be run. Whether our ideas are right or not.

Right wing or left wing or centrist, every single politician does four things:

  1. They believe that they won’t be able to do any good to the country if they’re not actually in office, so staying in office is clearly important.
  2. They make compromises, because no office from the lowest to the highest actually gets to dictate policy. That only happens in autocracies.
  3. They try to make the decisions that they think are the right decisions for the country, where they can.
  4. They make just as many mistakes as you or I do.

So, next time you feel like shooting some elected representative in the face because of your personal notions of how your country should be managed, maybe you should think again.

And get some therapy, because clearly you’re just as messed up as everybody else.

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