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Second Life’s public JIRA issue tracker already comes with some hidden sections, particularly those to do with security exploits, where the dissemination of information about the issue is considered to be bad for Second Life as a whole.

There’s a new (or at least apparently new) category that seems to be getting quite a number of issues filed into it, though: “SOCIAL”.

In the Scrum Summary for Monday, 10 January 2011, there is an easily-overlooked entry (I certainly overlooked it until it was pointed out to me):

SOCIAL-437 / VWR-24440

If you try to look up issue SOCIAL-437 or VWR-24440 (which redirects to it), the system will tell you that you’re not allowed to view it (a distinctly different message than the one you get when the issue simply doesn’t exist).

So, what’s so big a set of social software projects that it requires its own JIRA category (with over 400 entries) – and, moreover, why is that category hidden from users, exactly?

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