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You may recall that – not too long ago – some Facebook users have had their accounts hijacked by scammers. The scammers then pretended to be that person, stuck in London without means after a mugging. The scammers used this to divert funds from friends and family.

I was asked today if it was still going on, and yes, it is. Not Facebook this time, though. A friend had her gmail account hijacked, and shortly thereafter, emails started going out to her contacts, telling the story of how she was stuck in London, without means after a mugging.

Mind you, nobody fell for it. The victim has a fine grasp of English spelling and grammar – something that the scammers seem to be unable to do, so the messages were obviously fakes to everyone who received them. The scammers, it seems, can barely manage the literary fluency of the average 12-year-old child.

The good news is, that if you’ve actually got the literary fluency of an average 12-year-old child or better (which is, unfortunately somewhat uncommon), none of your friends are likely to be conned by this sort of scheme even if someone does hack your social media or email accounts.

Here’s hoping that Google will find some kind of way to restore the email account to its rightful owner. How it got hacked in the first place is still in doubt.

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