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Every 18 months or so, Second Life’s Web-based user profiles get another revamp. Just in the last few days they’ve been given a whole new format (again) and a whole new look (again) under a new domain name (again).

Finally, we seem to be making real progress on them. They’re useful and attractive, following the conventions established and tested by modern MMOGs.

Now under my.secondlife.com, you can find individual user profiles in the form of http://my.secondlife.com/accountname (that would be firstname.lastname for legacy accounts).

Incidentally, if you’re not sure if a staff member has actually left Linden Lab or not, my.secondlife.com is definitely the place to check. Unlike the various search and profile subsystems in the Second Life grid (and the previous versions of the Web profiles) the data in my.secondlife.com seems to be current.

There aren’t a lot of changes from the last version, but this one definitely looks slicker, hides some very user-unfriendly address components, and adds some Twitter and Facebook social media options.

There’s some new bugs that weren’t present in the older Web profiles, but on the whole it looks like a good move forward.

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