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Your voice Once again, I asked you to rate Linden Lab’s performance in Q4 (in six different categories) and compare it to how you thought it had fared in Q3. It is, after all, what Linden Lab all but asked us to do during 2010. Today, I have the report-card built from your responses.

As with last time, not too long after opening the poll, the Lab produced a list of technical improvements. The timing might be coincidental – the same thing happened on the previous occasion.

In any case, the grading system in use is United States letter-grading, using the progress/regress model. In that model, a “C” represents no improvement, a “C+” would represent a small improvement, and a “C-“ would represent a slight decline.

Next quarter I’m going to change to a more absolute system, with new categories, and we’ll take it from there.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the number of you that responded to the poll. There were quite a few more than last time.

Without further ado, here is the set of grades generated from your responses – grading Linden Lab’s performance in a number of areas comparing Q4 2010 to Q3 2010:


Was the Second Life service faster or slower in Q4 than Q3? Did the Lab deliver on speed improvements as seen by you, the user?

Grade: C

Comments: This barely edged in above a C- as – while most of you thought there was no change from the previous quarter – a scant number thought things were worse rather than better.


Was the Second Life service easier to use in Q4 than Q3?

Grade: C-

Comments: A fair number of you thought it was harder in Q4 than in Q3, though not much harder. This was not balanced out by people who thought it was easier.


Was the Second Life service more or less fun and enjoyable in Q4 than in Q3?

Grade: D+

Comments: Quite a lot of you felt that there was a significant decline in overall enjoyability. It might be interesting to explore quite why.


Did your trust in Linden Lab increase or decrease during Q4 as opposed to Q3?

Grade: F

Comments: The majority of you indicated that your trust in Linden Lab had significantly declined in Q4, 2010. Only a very small percentage of you felt that your trust in Linden Lab had improved.


Did Linden Lab’s communications improve or decline during Q4 compared to Q3?

Grade: D

Comments: The majority of you thought that Linden Lab’s communications had worsened during Q4 by whatever criteria you are choosing to judge it.


Did Linden Lab improve the reliability and stability of the Second Life service noticeably in Q4 compared to Q3?

Grade: D+

Comments: Many of you don’t think the Lab delivered on this, and many of you considered that things had become subjectively worse in this area during the fourth quarter of 2010.

Not even so much as a C+ in the bunch, even. If I were writing a report card for a student, I would probably suffix it with “Disappointing performance”.

Next quarter, I’m going to take a different approach to the polling, rather than relying on you remembering how things are going from quarter to quarter.

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