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Soleil is an art/music project that is the brainchild of Nicole Marie and Tasuku Arai. Deeply collaborating on music and melody, they’ve never met each-other in person. They’re known as ColeMarie Soleil and Tasuku Ghost in Second Life.

Forget distance and the language barrier, and the likelihood that Nicole and Arai would probably never have met if confined to physical or even modern dual-endpoint communications. This creation would not exist without the likes of Second Life.

Here is the power of virtual worlds; that which sets them apart from all other media of communication between people. Sure, you could meet and then collaborate by post, by email, telephone, conference calls, instant messaging, Web forums, social networks or any or all of these. Nothing, however, beats a virtual world for the ability to allow people to meet and then collaborate (within the world or without) on business or creative projects. While any specific virtual location might be analogous to a home, an office, a bar, cafe or park – these spaces are accessible by people all over the world.

Cool, interesting people that you’d likely never have had the opportunity to encounter if you limited yourself to the purely physical. It brings together the advantages of physical spaces, while pulling the fangs from the tyranny of distance. Hearts are won and lost, partnerships forged, friendships made, ideas spread and collaboration – in all of its infinite forms and diverse variations – is endless, save only that we will it so.

“Arai composes the music while I write and create the melodies,” says Nicole, ”(also while helping to improve the other writing aspects when needed). It is an interesting mix I think because of the way that the music is created allows us both to be alone with the music without being directly influenced from one another. The original basic sound structure of the songs never sound near the same after the two elements are put together as he recomposes around things and I obsessively improve the vocals.”

“Our perfectionism helps us to push each other to create something new and interesting despite the clear technical complications. It turned out to be the most relevant and personal project I have yet to work on and I am very proud of it.”

And so she should be, in my opinion. Storytelling is a compelling synthesis just on its own. There’s a whole album!

As for the album itself (of which the music video for one song, “Storytelling”, is above), you can obtain that through Bandcamp, or iTunes – with other distributors coming shortly, in the wake of the album launch.

Until Nicole and Arai complete the Web-site for the project, you can track the interim blog here.

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